GUC Light Field Face Artefact Database

GUC Light Field Face Artefact Database (GUC-LiFFAD)

GUC Light Field Face Artefact Database is composed in the context of the EU FP7 FIDELITY project. The database collection was carried out in our laboratory over a period of six months. Our database consists of 80 subjects representing various age, ethnicity and gender. The whole database can be broadly categorized in two parts: (1) Normal face light field dataset (2) Artefact face light field dataset. 

Database download:  

Due to mandatory guidelines on privacy of the biometric data, we are in the process of obtaining the permission from Norsk samfunnsvitenskapelig datatjeneste AS (NSD) ( , Norway to make the database available to the public. This database is made available for purely non-profitable research and academic purpose. Any use of this database shall cite the publication: 

R. Raghavendra, Kiran B. Raja, C. Busch, ‘Presentation Attack Detection for Face Recognition using Light Field Camera’, Communicated to journal (2014). 

The GUC-LiFFAD-DB database is semi-public until the permission is obtained. The GUC-LiFFAD is freely available to other researchers provided that testing is conducted at GUC premises. Interested parties (research, industry or independent developers) can provide their implementation to GUC researchers for testing on GUC-LiFFAD on their behalf. 

For obtaining the database, please contact:

Dr. Raghavendra Ramachandra (

Expected date of public release of database: February 2015.