GUC Visible Spectrum Iris Artefact (VSIA) Database


GUC - Visible Spectrum Iris Artefact (VSIA) Database

This database is comprised of eye images captured from 55 subjects (29 males and 26 females) that will result in 110 unique eye patterns. For each subject, we capture 5 samples for each eye in five different instance that will result in 110 x 5 = 550 normal iris samples. In addition this database also comprised a high quality artefact of visible eye image that can be used to attack the visible iris recognition system. All the artefacts are generated by considering the real-life attack Scenarios that one can perform with visible iris recognition system. We generate the artefacts corresponding to 5 different kinds of static presentation attacks. For more information on the database refer:

R. Raghavendra and Christoph Busch, ‘Robust Scheme for Iris Presentation Attack Detection using Multi-scale Binarized Statistical Image Features’, (Submitted to Journal)

Database Availability:
The database is available for the research purpose on request. Kindly forward your request to