GUC-100 Multi-scanner Fingerprint Database

The GUC-100 multi-scanner fingerprint database is composed in the context of the EU FP7 TURBINE project. GUC-100 data collection was carried out during the period Februay 2008 to January 2009 at Gjøvik University College (GUC) in Norway. Fingerprint images were collected by using six fingerprint scanners with different acquisition technologies. The following fingerprint scanners were involved in the GUC-100 database:

  • TST BiRD3
  • L-1 DFR2100
  • Cross Match LSCAN100
  • Precise 250MC
  • Lumidigm V100
  • Sagem MorphoSmart

The GUC-100 database consists of fingerprint images from 100 subjects, of all 10 fingers on all 6 scanners. Each subject participated in 12 sessions (3 uncontrolled and 9 controlled). In the controlled sessions, a data subject was allowed to wet his or her fingers to (hopefully) produce a better quality image. In addition, in most of the data collection sessions environmental conditions (indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity in the room) were measured.

The GUC-100 database ie referred as in-house (semi-public) and intended for performance and interoperability testing of fingerprint algorithms. The GUC-100 is freely available to other researchers provided that testing is conducted at GUC premises. Interested parties (research, industry or independent developers) can provide their implementation to GUC researchers for testing on GUC-100 on their behalf.

To arrange testing of your fingerprint algorithm on the GUC-100 database, please contact: turbines AT hig DOT no, with "Algorithm test on GUC-100 database" in the subject of the email.


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